What I’m going to start by saying is.. well done - If you’re starting to look for a counsellor or find out how counselling can help then you are realising that you aren’t where you want to be in life. It is a huge, brave first step when we recognise we need support - it is so important that we are listening to ourselves and finding ways to take care of our emotional wellbeing.


When we recognise we need support, we may be feeling this as knowing something needs to change or maybe we aren't feeling happy. We may experience this as our feelings becoming overwhelming, or feeling we need support with experiences, relationships, or situations we have been through.

For me, as a counsellor, it’s so important that you feel in control of your counselling, from the moment you think about it, through the process of finding a counsellor, during your counselling and beyond. So, If you don’t feel like I’m the right counsellor for you, but you have questions, I’m more than happy to help you find the counsellor for you. The most important thing is that you get the support you need, when you need it, from someone you feel comfortable with and can work alongside.

I believe we are guided unconsciously through life to the decisions we make, people we meet, relationships and friendships we have. Having counselling and a space to reflect on our life can allow us understanding and insight into this unconscious journey. This awareness can feel powerful and may help with change.


In the present we are a heady mix of nature and nurture! Nature being- biological, genes, DNA, personality traits and inherited familial traits. Nurture being - what we have experienced from before birth until the present day growing up, who were our primary caregivers, the way we were parented, and other people and experiences that have impacted on our lives along the way and shaped our behaviour.


In some cases, it can also be invaluable to explore links between emotional pain and physical pain. When we are experiencing pain, irritation, illness as physical symptoms in our body, having space and time to explore whether those symptoms may be reflecting emotional pain or hurt.

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